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Seasonal Allergies Part 6: Desensitization in Dogs and Cats and Laser Therapy


For dogs and cats who are experiencing very long year-round pollen seasons, or you are in the southern half of the U.S. where there is NO appreciable winter, then allergy testing for specific allergens your dog is reacting to with follow up allergen-specific immunotherapy (allergy vaccines) is a sensible way to go. Desensitization takes a minimum of 6 months and for most dogs 18 months to see an improvement. Therapy is usually lifelong. Therapy can be oral or injectable. The goal of immunotherapy is to decrease year-round symptoms to shorter, seasonal symptoms.

Laser Therapy

This is a newer treatment option that Angelcare Skin and Ear clinic has utilized with great success. Laser treatments will stimulate the immune system to fight the bacterial infections, mite infections (if present), decrease inflammation, cut healing time of the skin and gut in half. In many cases, we have been able to desensitize dogs and cats to the offending allergens. A nice thing about desensitizing with the laser - you do not have to identify the allergens - we treat the dogs and cats during their symptomatic flare ups os the offending allergens are already present.

The best outcome is a symptom-free dog or cat year-round. In the Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area, there is a very good possibility that this can be achieved with a consistent, multi-modal treatment plan.

Important Action Plan For Skin and Ear Disease Treatment:

Set up your appointment with Dr. Melodie Limpach if you think your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, other types of allergy, or any skin condition that does not resolve in a couple of weeks. Angelcare Animal Hospital of Racine, WI can usually get your pet in for an exam within 48 hours of your call for help. If finances are limited, we accept Care Credit, Visa, MC, and Discover. We will also design a treatment plan that can work within your budget. The important action plan is to get your pet in sooner than later. The longer your pet is suffering from his skin or ear disease, the longer (and costlier) it will take to produce a happy and healthy pet. Call 262-886-3337 or book now for an appointment today.

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