Dynasty Dobermans are active in Agility, Obedience, Protection, and Tracking


All Breeding stock at Dynasty Dobermans are Evaluated for their Conformation (which should be pleasing to the eye) and Athletically sound.  I do not show in conformation.  I do try to breed to the Breed standards.


Their Working Temperament is evaluated throughout their life and tested in performance sports like IPO, SchH, IGP, Agility, Scent detection, Tracking, Obedience, Search and Rescue, Service dog work and police dog work.  


They are all Health tested. Hips and Elbows are evaluated for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and OFA certified.

Eyes have been examined by a boarded ophthalmologist for inherited and congenital eye disease. Thyroid function is tested.  Echocardiograms are done on dogs over 4 yrs old. Holters are only done if the dogs are showing clinical signs of arrhythmia.



These Dobermans are available  for new homes. These are great companions; they may be retired from competition and breeding  or to not needed further the Dynasty lines.st.



Bred for excellent health, sound conformation, and strong working abilities, our Females will WOW you.

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 Bred with performance, health, and beauty in mind, Dynasty Dobermans' puppies are Blue Ribbon quality.


Our Passion, Our Legacy, Our Story.


Gorgeous and award-winning, our males are great performance dogs.



Learn more about this wonderful breed.

Expert Ear Cropping and Tail docking 

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