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Puppies and Kittens

Bringing a brand new puppy or kitten home is an extremely exciting and fun time for the whole family. 

Let us make this new transition easier for you by providing the medical care and behavioral training you need to keep every day healthy and memorable.

Make an appointment today for the necessary vaccinations for your new family member and stay updated with our Puppy Training Classes by signing up for our emails.

All Life Stage Care

Adult Dogs and Cats 1-7 years 

Whether your pet has been in the family or just joined, staying updated on vaccinations, on top of diet, and maintaining great health is our main concern. 

By running necessary diagnostic tests, we can review the state your pet is currently in and discuss any further work that may be done in the future.

We love watching our patients grow and flourish.

Senior Dogs and Cats   7-20 years 

The Golden Years are bittersweet with your pet's loving and calm disposition; their aging bodies can begin to break down and this can be a difficult time. 

Staying diligent with an annual exam, age appropriate lab work to check for internal organ changes, routine parasite exams, and vaccinations can help keep your senior pet in the best possible shape for years to come.


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