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Seasonal Allergies Part 5: Nutrition to Support and Repair Skin in Allergic Disease

Nutritional support year-round can make a huge difference in minimizing, and in case of mild disease, eliminating the symptoms of Atopy. For this effect, I have found a prescription Fish and Potato based diet to be the most reliable diet choice. My favorite is the new VRS codfish and potato diet or Royal Canin Skin Support. There may be some over-the-counter diets that will work, but to date, all over-the-counter diets that have been independently evaluated have been contaminated with ingredients not listed on the bag and none of them will have high enough levels of the supplements that make these prescription diets "medicine in a bag." If your dog has an adverse food reaction to FISH, then another option will need to be explored. An alternative option is a chicken-based diet by Hill's Derm Defense.

Important Action Plan For Skin and Ear Disease Treatment:

Set up your appointment with Dr. Melodie Limpach if you think your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, other types of allergy, or any skin condition that does not resolve in a couple of weeks. Angelcare Animal Hospital of Racine, WI can usually get your pet in for an exam within 48 hours of your call for help. If finances are limited, we accept Care Credit, Visa, MC, and Discover. We will also design a treatment plan that can work within your budget. The important action plan is to get your pet in sooner than later. The longer your pet is suffering from his skin or ear disease, the longer (and costlier) it will take to produce a happy and healthy pet. Call 262-886-3337 or book now for an appointment today.

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