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Canine Good Citizens Class

Canine Good Citizens classes starting Tuesday, March 23rd!

· Tuesdays

· 7pm - 8pm

· 8 weeks / 1-hour classes

· $125+ tax

· For dogs of all ages and breeds

Your dog will learn important skills:

· Basic commands—sit, lay down, stay, come

· Accept a friendly stranger

· Sit politely for petting

· Appearance and grooming

· Walk on a loose leash

· Walk through a crowd

· React positively to another dog

· React positively to distractions

· Behave under supervised separation

Receive a FREE clicker, slip leash, poopbags, & holder the first night of class!

To register, please text the following information to:


· Your Name

· Dog's Name

· Breed

· Age

· Preferred Class

Angelcare Animal Hospital- We treat your pet's Mind, Body & Soul

(262) 886-3337

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