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All dogs and cats are accepted into our daycare. Groups are small so there is one human for every six dogs, ensuring max human attention.

Please RSVP by calling 262-886-3337 or BOOK NOW.



Canines must be current on their Rabies vaccine, Bordetella vaccine,  Distemper and Leptospirosis vaccine, as well as a negative bi-annual Intestinal parasite screen and a negative annual Heartworm test. Monthly Flea and tick prevention is also strongly recommended. If your pet is not current, He or She will be given an exam and updated by the veterinarian at Angelcare Animal Hospital and you will be responsible for any charges.




$30.00 per night, per dog- includes:

  • one 15-20minute supervised playtime each day

TOY DOG BUNGALOWS (Under 20 lbs)

$27.00 per night, per dog- includes:

  • one 15-20min. playtime each day


Off Property walks:

  • $17.00 Per walk

Extra Supervised Playtimes: 

  • $8.00 per 15-20min. session

Exit Bath: 

  • Prices vary on breed and coat condition- call for prices.

Board & Train:

  • $90 per day for dogs 20 lbs and over

  • $80 a day for dogs under 20 lbs​

  • One on one personalized training for your pet during their stay

  • Training is done through positive reinforcement and shaping/clicker training 

  • Able to train basic obedience and more. 




If you have never boarded your pet before, we invite you to come down and tour our facility. We want to make sure that we are the right match for you and your pet. We want you to feel comfortable with the level of care and attention we provide and we want your pet to feel comfortable during their sleepover party. We require proof of current vaccinations for all pets boarding with us.

Single Cat Condo: (fits one cat): $24.20 per night

Deluxe Cat Condo: (fits two cats): $26.62 per night

Penthouse Cat Condo: (fits one to 4 cats) Has a large window view! : $30.25 per night


Each Additional Cat in Condo:

  • $14.52 per night

Kitty Cuddle Time: 

  • $6.00  (per 15-20 minute session)

Please RSVP by calling (262) 886-3337 or by emailing 

Angelcare Pet Resort is closed between the hours of:

11:00 am & 4:00 pm. Monday-Friday. 

Boarding Drop Off or Pick Up's between the hours of  8:30& 9:30 am must have called ahead to prearrange this and allow us to know you are coming. 

If you have an after-hours Drop-off or Pick up Please call to make arrangements. Additional Charges may be applied to After-hours drop offs & Pick-ups at any other time than listed below 




  • Full day: Yard play and Individual play and training times.

  • Play and training times lasting at least 30 min. each time.

  • $23 +tax

  • Baths are available at breed specific prices.

  • Dinner and/or breakfast can be fed to those interested, but the owner must provide food.

  • Late pickup and early drop-off fees do apply and are determined on how late the pickup is in relation to our hours and scheduling issues it may cause for our staff.

  • Packages are available, buy a package of 10 days and receive a free 11th day!

  • For your boarding or day care arrangements or to arrange for a guided tour please contact us



Dogs must pre register

This can be set up at any time by calling (262)886-8728 or stopping by the Resort during our business hours

Dogs do not have to be spayed or neutered (They will be grouped accordingly)

Dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age and provide proof of vaccinations as they receive them.

Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordatella, Heartworm and fecal tests, as well as be on heartworm and flea and tick prevention.


Morning Drop Off's: 7:00 am - 8:30 am

Evening Pickup's: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

TRAINING Time: Personal one on one attention for your pet, lasting at least 30 minutes, and offering your dog training, personality specific play, and some love in one of our yards, or inside in our obedience room.

Yard Time: Time outside in one of our large grassy yards, within a group of no more than 5 other dogs, to explore, run on obstacles, and play with their furry friends. 

(Use of some of our yards for yard or individual time can be dependent on weather)

Angelcare Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

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