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Angelcare Updates!

New training classes postponed until February 25th due to extreme cold weather conditions!

We still have room for a couple of more dogs, Click here to register at our online store

Pet Resort

Starting, February 2nd, 2015, Angelcare Pet Resort with be undergoing some changes. During the next couple months we will be housing our day care and boarding pets at the hospital location, 6915 Washington Ave. We are taking the following months to begin some renovations of Angelcare’s Pet Resort building. Due to potential safety risks to our staff and your pets during the renovations we will be closing the pet resort location, 1121 S. Stuart Road.

During this time, we will also be restructuring our day care and boarding programs to better encompass your’s and your pet’s Boarding, training and day care needs. This does not mean the Pet Resort’s boarding, day care or training services will be leaving permanently. We will still offer these services at our Hospital location. All of your pet’s needs from baths to vaccines will still be offered as well. Instead of play-times in the Resort’s acre yards, we will be offering walks around the neighborhood behind the hospital. Pick-ups and Drop-offs will be done at the hospital. We will continue to offer Saturday and Sunday hours for pick-ups and drop-offs by appointment only.

New classes starting February 18th,2015 click here for more information.

Training classes will continue to be held at our pet resort location, 1121 S. Stuart road in our Obedience room.

We are excited for these new changes and hope that they will benefit you and your pet’s needs. For any further questions, please call us at 262-886-3337

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