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Veterinary Services

Help your pet maintain their optimal health and well-being throughout every life-stage. 

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Puppy Wellness

Vaccinations, micro-chipping, parasite checks, training and obedience help. We want the best for new pups, and we love helping new pet parents learn the ins and outs of dog ownership.

Cat Care

Vaccinations, micro-chipping, parasite checks, training and obedience help, we want the best for new pups. And we love helping new pet parents learn the ins and outs of dog ownership.

Ear Cropping

Dr. Limpach has been doing ear crops for over 30 years and looks at each animal as an individual, so no crop is identical to another dog and every dog is treated with distinct care. 

Senior Wellness

Aging pets require a different level of care. An experienced vet of aging patients, Dr. Limpach knows what pets need to feel their best at every stage, and is dedicated to supporting every pet and parent.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative doesn't necessarily have to mean experimental. At Angelcare, we find the best solutions for our patients based on their unique needs, whether its laser therapy or supplement recommendations.

Virtual Visits

We offer virtual visits using phone or video chat when time is tight of travel inconvenient. Introductory meetings, dermatology intake, and diet recommendations can be done virtually.

Hospice and End of Life

Palliative pet care is focused on relieving a pet's discomfort seen with some illnesses and aging. The goal is not to cure the underlying problem, but, rather, to allow your pet to live as gently and comfortably as is possible. 


Biting, licking, and scratching may seem like normal behavior but can actually be a sign of something much more serious. With in-person and virtual appointments available, we make treating skin issues easy. 

In-Home Visits

Dr. Limpach makes house calls for hospice care and euthanasia to create the the most compassionate and peaceful experience for your family and beloved pets. 

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About Us


Dr. Limpach has been working with and caring for pets since 1986 and is the head veterinarian at Angelcare Animal Hospital. With special training in animal behavior, low-level laser therapy, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, and a long history in behavior modification, Dr. Limpach understands how to treat every concern.

Virtual & At Home Appointments

Some conditions require immediate attention and other need a more personal touch, that's why we offer both virtual and at-home visits. Introductory meetings, dermatology intake, even diet recommendations can be done virtually. For more sensitive treatments, like hospice or euthanasia, Dr. Limpach can come to you. We can work with you to decide the best course of action.

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