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Retired Dobermans

Retired von Dynasty Dobermans

All of our "retired" Dobermans are Fully trained in obedience & Schutzhund (protection work) and/or agility. They are loving dogs who are now just relaxing and enjoying the rest of their lives with Dr. Limpach.  If you would like to see more photos of each dog, click their name and you will be able to browse through some  from both the past and present. We love our seniors!

Yankee von Dynasty 

Yankee is a very loving dog with a ScH title or two. He is a taller Doberman and very muscular with a deep bark. He has a lot of energy and LOVES to jump up and down in front of a door, play with tennis balls, and work. He is never happier than when asked to practice his basic Schutzhund obedience and get a chance to bite the sleeve, this boy truly wants to please. Born on Dec. 26, 2002 he is a young senior Doberman, but rarely chooses to act like it!


If you are interested in owning a Doberman please check the For Sale page to see if any are available and/or contact Dr. Limpach or Contact us.

The right dog with the right personality and temperament will be placed in the right home. A happy owner makes for a happy well behaved pet. If you would like to know more about this breed and if it is right for you check out our breed background page.