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Book a Class for  Your Puppy or Adolescent Dog


Limited Availability!

These classes are recommended for dogs who have not been in a formal training program. All of our classes go over the same basics; however, we like to group dogs of the same age. Each of the classes focus on teaching the handler/owner to teach their dogs the following skills:


  • Charging and using a clicker

  • Greeting strangers

  • Focusing around distractions

  • Playing (balls and tug)

  • Loose leash walking

  • Staying in a given spot

  • Holding a position for 5 minutes

  • Sit, down, and come, when called



  • Nail trimming -Brushing teeth

  • Bathing and brushing

  • Applying of ear and eye drops

  • Giving tablets without wrapping them in cheese

All classes are six weeks long and cost $125 +tax.

Select the class that best fits your dog's age or call us at 

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