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Alternative Therapies

At Angelcare Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to providing you and your companion with a full array of veterinary services tailored to your pets specific needs. That can include alternative therapies, like laser, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM), stem-cell, and nutritional treatments.


Laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free option for pain control that has zero negative side effects. Working at a cellular level, the laser offers healing to fix the problematic cells. With specialized frequencies, laser therapy helps reduce pain naturally and targets issues at the root of the problem.

Dog Therapy
Puppy Chin Scratch


VOM helps to relieve pets of pain, gastric issues, endocrine issues, and more by using and adjusting the entire spine. Unlike chiropractic, VOM treats the entire system not just areas where there seems to be a problem.



Using your pet's fatty tissue, we can create a specialized therapeutic protein-rich plasma, which can be reintroduced to your pet's immune system to stimulate and regenerate tissue repair and growth.

Bulldog Scratching


Food allergies and intolerances in dogs and cats are becoming a more common condition that can make your pet's life uncomfortable. While some pets may require medication, most can be successfully treated through dietary chances and supplements. 

Dog Food
Dog Walker


I can't say enough about Dr. Limpach and the staff at Angelcare. My 2-year-old German shepherd has been battling horrible skin issues related to allergies and a weak immune system.

 I was stressed and worried and my dog was suffering. I felt like my previous vet wasn't helping and I turned to a specialist, Dr. Melodie Limpach at Angelcare. I drive 73 miles one way to see her and my dog has made a full recovery and is no longer scratching, all within about a month of treatment.


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