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Ear Cropping

Dr. Limpach has been doing ear crops for over 20 years. She looks at each animal as an individual. So, no crop is identical to another dog. She will give you the best crop you desire and the best crop for your pet. Crops can range in pricing dependent on style and breed. 

Every animal will need a pre-surgical examination a day or two before the surgery will be done.

Contact Angelcare Animal Hospital in Racine WI to schedule your examination.

Dogs need to be 8-16 weeks old.  No crops will be done after 16 wks of age.

** 8-12 weeks is highly preferred for the best surgical experience for your pet. **

Before Ear Crop: Doberman

Ready for Surgery: Doberman

After crop: Doberman


The end of surgery -- and post-surgery in cup: Great Dane

After crop: Great Dane

After crop: Boxer


Ear Cropping and what to expect.

  • Consult and Pre surgical exam
  • Pre anesthesia lab work
  • Surgery will be scheduled for future date
  • Before the Surgery 
  • No food after 6pm and pick up water at bedtime. 
  • No food or water morning of surgery. 
  • Drop off pup and sign surgery release form, between 8:30-9am morning of surgery
  • Ear Cropping takes about 1 1/2 hours from start to recovery.
  • Owner will be texted a report when pup is in recovery. 
  • Your dog will be lasered twice/day to speed up healing and decrease post surgery pain
  • Your surgery includes 
  • Dinner
  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast
  • laser x2
  • Lunch (day of pickup)  you will pick up your dog with hat and cone on.
  • Hat check 5-7days after cropping
  • First ear posting and suture removal in 10-14 days after cropping 
  • Posting # 2 seven days after 1st posting.
  • Posting# 3 seven days after 2nd posting.
  • Post weekly until ears remain standing. This can be done at the hospital ($25.00/posting) or we can teach you to post at home

Ear Cropping about $750.00    Ear Crop + Puppy Wellness Package $999.00


Puppy Wellness 8-16 weeks 

  • Vaccines 
    • Exams for each visit a vaccine is given
    • Distemper combination Vaccine (4 if starting with a 6-8 Week old puppy)
    • Leptospirosis Vaccine (2 vaccines)
    • Rabies vaccine
  • Training
    • Five 20-30 minute Behavior consults.(Bring treats)
  • Information
    • New puppy information
    • Clicker Training Book & Clicker
    • Breed Specific Consultation
  • Parasite Protection
    • Intestinal Parasite Screen (Fecal Test)
    • De-worming (if needed)
    • First dose of Heartworm prevention (will be based on weight)
  • Microchipping
    • Permanent Microchip Implantation
    • Registration


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