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Puppy Training Class


This class is recommended for new puppies from 3-6 months and will help teach skills that you can apply to continue to train your new puppy at home.

Class will cover:

Hygiene/Medication Administering

-Charging and using a clicker -Nail trimming -Brushing teeth -Bathing and brushing -Applying of ear and eye drops -Giving tablets without wrapping them in cheese


-Charging and using a clicker -Greeting strangers -Focusing around distractions -Playing (balls and tug) -Loose leash walking -Staying in a given spot -Holding a position for 5 minutes -Sit, down, and come, when called

***Call (262) 886-8728 or (262) 886-3337 to register***

Classes will meet 7 times over 7 weeks on Thursdays from August 15th to September 26th

Cost: $124.95

Angelcare Animal Hospital- We Treat Your Pet's Mind, Body & Soul (262) 886-3337

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